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Analytical Instruments

We are distributor of leading International Scientific & Analytical instruments in India for the following products:

Ultimate Expert XT

  • Affordable high performance ICP-OES

  • The new Ultima Expert LT provides high performance at affordable price for laboratories with challenging samples.

  • Ultima Expert LT is driven by the powerful Analyst software featuring a large variety of analytical functionalities for tailored control and analysis.

  • The robustness of the Ultima Expert LT makes it ideal for applications common to mining, chemicals manufacture, salt production, wear metals in oil analysis, petrochemical and metallurgical production

  • Gain in performance with the Ultima Expert LT for your most challenging applications!


  • The GD-Profiler 2™ provides fast, simultaneous analysis of all elements of interest including the gases nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine. It is an ideal tool for thin and thick films characterization and process studies.

  • Equipped with an RF source that can operate in pulsed mode for fragile samples, the range of applications of the GD-Profiler 2™ goes from corrosion studies to PVD coating process control, from thin film PV development to LED Quality Control and it is used in Universities as well as in Industrial Research laboratories.

AAS Aurora

The TRACE AI1200 Plus Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a fast and accurate system for your AAS needs. With features such as the fast dry technology alongside an optional autosampler completely removing sample splatting, this system enables better detection whilst considerably shortening analysis time. Taking advantage of the multiple atomizer configuration allows for high-intensity analysis whilst providing the ultimate ease of use within multiple application sectors, such as environmental, agricultural, and clinical setting, as well as high throughput labs. The TRACE AI1200 Plus features 300mm focus length and Czerny-Turner 1800 line/mm grating optics; this, paired with both D2 and Smith-Hietftje background correction, gives rise to greater performance.

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